How to revise for exams in 1 day

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Revise for exams in 1 day

Best strategies to revise for exams in 1 day

Most successful people say that to succeed in life, you have to plan and never forget that you are a pilgrim. Though you may have a foolproof plan, unexpected events happen and you are forced to change, abandon, or postpone your plans. To succeed, you need to be able to adapt to change. You should leave room for flexibility in your plans because you do not know where tomorrow will take you.

Flexibility allows us to save our time and energy
for things we can control.”
 ― Darcy Luom-

The same applies to your exam revision plans. You may create an excellent timetable with lots of time to study. However, the unexpected happens (work, life), and you are unable to follow your revision plan. Soon you find the exam is just 2 days ahead and you haven’t revised as you would have liked. This happens to most part-time students with a busy working schedule.

To ensure your best performance when you only have limited time to revise, you can follow the following strategies to revise for exams in 1 day.

    1. Look for a private place without any distractions and where will not have to move for a while. For example, the library or a quiet room. You will also be able to avoid people who may bring you stress.

    2. List the topics you need to revise and carry with you all the revision essentials needed, for example, study notes or a laptop. Avoid carrying anything that will distract you. If you are revising online on your tablet or mobile, put them on silence mode. Make sure you are not distracted by social media…you will have a lot of time to socialize after the exam.

    3. Avoid inviting your friends to revise with you. It is easy to get distracted when revising with your best friends. Also, due to the limited amount of time, it is best to revise alone. However, if you think it is more helpful to study with someone else, choose classmates who are at least as smart as you.

      "The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord 
      establishes his steps."
      -Proverbs 16:9-
    4. Review your revision notes for the exam you are taking, topic by topic. Then attempt any revision questions provided in class or from past papers to test your understanding. You can also access exam revision questions through various online platforms. If there is any topic you feel uncertain about, review it in detail.

    5. Take short breaks during your revision and consider taking the whole evening off. You need to have a good night’s sleep before the exam. When your brain is relaxed, you will be able to recall your revision more easily during the exam the next day.

    6. Get everything you need for the exam the day before the exam. Confirm what is allowed in the exam room and what is not. Avoid starting your examination day with stress by getting all that you need ready the day before.

    7. Relax and think positively. A negative attitude will not help you, but a positive attitude will. Remember that it is only an exam, not the end of the word.

Are you planning on skipping the exams because you haven’t had time to revise? Do not despair, it is possible to revise for exams in 1 day. Follow the above points and some facts will stick to your brain.

"To try and to fail is not laziness".
-African Proverb-

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