At Onyx Management Consultants (OMC), you will get a professional freelance Accountant/Bookkeeper, Researcher, Grant Writer, Business plan writer,Content Writer,etc.

Onyx Management Consultants  will help you optimize your business by providing the best services in the market.

There are many reasons you should choose OMC . Some of the important include  :

  • Professionalism: With over 10 years’ experience, you are guaranteed to get the best service.
  • Accountability: Takes personal responsibility in all business decisions and dealings.
  • Reliability: Working online, therefore available 24/7.
  • Integrity: OMC values honesty ,trustworthiness & high ethical standards.
  • Passion:OMC is passionate about growing its business with you.

Please get in touch at :

Phone:+254 71802970