5 reasons why you need to hire the best grant writer

Grant Writer

There are many reasons why you need to hire a great grant writer. Winning a grant is an uphill task. With so much competition for few grants, hiring a grant writer to assist you apply for and winning grants makes sense. It does not matter whether you are a start-up or an established NGO. Here are some of the top five reasons:

Cost saving

It is less expensive to hire a grant writer on a case-by-case basis than employing a full-time employee. By hiring a grant writer, you only pay the person when s/he is working, not throughout the year. Considerable time and investment go into firing and re-hiring a full-time grant writer. If six months later you discover the person is not skilled as you thought, you start another time-consuming process of re-hiring a replacement.

Grant writing is time-consuming and requires expertise

Not every who can write is necessarily a good grant writer. Grants are very competitive. To have a fair chance of winning a grant, you need an expert to give you a fair chance of success. You need a grant writer with particular skills such as research, great organization & communication. They should be able to understand the needs of the grantor & grantee.


Hiring a grant writer provides you with an opportunity to review drafts before an application is submitted. You are able to ask questions and suggest changes, thus directing your grant application development. You can also provide productive input, and change writers early on if the application is going poorly.

Expertise in a wide variety of subjects and fields

Writers are always learning to improve their skills, so most grant writers are experts in different subjects. Their research skills and experience enable them to write winning grant proposals covering different subjects. They have the expertise to apply from Private foundations, Corporate giving programs, Public charities, as well as Government grants.

Grant Research

Before you start writing a grant, you need information about available grant opportunities. A grant writer will help you locate federal, state, and local grants as well as foundation grants. This will ensure that you apply for grants that you qualify for only, thus saving you time and money.

It is therefore very important to know when to hire a grant writer, and when to take a project on yourself. The request for proposal, in addition to the above, should guide you make in making an informed decision. If you do not have the time to put together a competitive application, OMC will write and submit your grant proposal. We will work directly with you throughout the application process to ensure we met your objectives.

If you are competent and have the time to write your grant proposal, but need a second set of eyes to help you review your work before you submit it, we will be happy to review and edit your work.

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