6 best benefits of online revision quizzes

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Benefits of online revision quizzes

6 best benefits of online revision quizzes

While every student wants to pass their exams, revising for exams can sometimes be a challenge for most students. Since every student has a different learning style & pace, it is important to have a unique revision platform that offers learners good content for exam preparation.

The rise in technology adoption, mobile phone penetration, and internet connectivity globally has seen the growth of digital-based solutions that offer convenient approaches to lessons, revisions, study tips, or test exams. There are many online platforms and apps offering revision content for both academic and professional students.

"Education is the passport to the future, 
for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

– Malcolm X -

For instance, revision4exams.com offers an online revision platform for diploma in accounting(ATD) and  CPA students. Through this platform, students enjoy unlimited access to thousands of revision questions in all subjects with suggested answers. The questions are designed to make revision interesting and fun, with questions provided in different formats to test students’ knowledge and understanding.

The revision questions, offered to both free and premium subscriptions, are  in the following formats:

    1. Multiple choice (one answer from 4 choices).

    2. True or False.

    3. Blanks for text answers (short and detailed).

    4. Checked (with more than one answer).

    5. Calculations (e.g. Financial accounting and Management accounting).


"The roots of education are bitter, 
but the fruit is sweet."

 – Aristotle-

Why you should revise through online quizzes

Online quizzes enable you to revise and test your knowledge in a different way. Below are 6 benefits of online revision quizzes:

    1. Quick results: When you revise through an online quiz, you get the quiz results immediately after submitting the quiz. Technology enables you to assess yourself, without the need for a tutor to mark your questions. Quick results will enable you to carry on improving your weak areas without delay.
    2. Knowledge assessment: Online revision questions are designed to assess a student’s knowledge and assess their strengths and weaknesses in the subject. As the quizzes cover all topics, you can quickly know which topics you need to revise in detail.
"Prepare now for the solutions of tomorrow."

-African Proverb -
    1. Motivation: Online quizzes are designed to encourage students to engage and question themselves. As you attempt the quiz, you are therefore motivated to perform better when doing the quizzes. If you do not perform well the first time, you have the motivation to try again and again. Repeated practice will ensure you perform well in your exam.
    2. Less stressful: Though online quizzes can be detailed and challenging, they are interactive and presented in different formats (multiple choices, true or false, short text, etc.), to enable students to gain knowledge while having fun. They will therefore allow you to engage and focus on what you are doing. Being interactive and fun will reduce the stress you usually face when revising for exams.
    3. Repeated attempts: Online revision questions give students the option to attempt the questions several times. This means you can practice many times until you get it right. When you submit your quiz, you get the results with answers to all the questions you attempted. If there are some questions you answered incorrectly, you have an opportunity to attempt the quiz again.
    4. Convenience: Online quizzes can be taken up anywhere and anytime, without you being bound by location or time. You can revise in the comfort of your home, traveling, or at the park. This flexibility makes them less stressed.


With the increasing adoption of technology across all sectors of the economy, the education sector has also gone digital. Many institutions have integrated online classes and exams into their offline modules. Online revision platforms have also become popular amongst students due to their convenience, flexibility, and interactive nature which makes revision less stressful.

While most of the revision quizzes focus on primary and secondary schools, Revision4exams has seen the benefits of online revision quizzes and has taken the initiative to offer ATD & CPA professional students a unique platform to revise for accounting exams. The site has revision questions covering various subjects including the following:

Accounting Technician Diploma (ATD)

ATD Level 1

    1. Financial accounting 1

    2. Introduction to Law and Ethics

    3. Entrepreneurship & communications

    4. Information communications technology (ICT).

ATD level 2

    1. Financial Accounting 2

    2. Fundamentals of Finance

    3. Principles of management

    4. Business Mathematics & Statistics

ATD Level 3

    1. Auditing

    2. Principles of Economics

    3. Principles of Public Finance & Taxation

    4. Fundamentals of Management Accounting

CPA Foundation

    1. Law and Governance

    2. Financial Accounting

    3. ICT

    4. Economics

    5. Communication skills

    6. Qualitative Analysis

If you want to see the benefits of online revision quizzes, follow this link to access free accounting questions and answers.

Benefits of online revision quizzes

Benefits of online revision quizzes

Benefits of online revision quizzes

Benefits of online revision quizzes